Don’t be a tourist, be a Localist!

Visit Seattle, Washington, with a detailed trip itinerary customized just for you! Isn’t it more fun to explore a city with a friend who knows all about the newest, tastiest restaurants, the coolest bars and places to hang out, and the best special events? Of course, not all of you who come to visit Seattle have a resident buddy who can show you around. Until now! Localist will create the perfect Seattle trip itinerary customized to your interests, with unique local insights into what’s going on around town. To get started, check out the Services we offer or scroll down to read the Localist blog!


About Localist

Traveling to Seattle? Plan your trip with Localist and I'll help you feel at home in my city with custom tours & itineraries based on your interests and needs.
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2 Responses to Don’t be a tourist, be a Localist!

  1. teresa says:


    we are spending 6 days in seattle. our first trip is to victoria bc. we have a dinner cruise and city tour planned. Can you recommend anything to see that might have something to do with the native american indians?
    Could we hire someone for a one day tour?

    Thank you,

    • Localist says:

      That sounds like a great trip, and I’m so glad to know you’re interested in the history and contemporary culture of the Duwamish people, the tribe native to the Seattle area. There are a lot of sites that would be fascinating for you while you are in the Pacific Northwest, so you may want to consider visiting the “Request a Quote” page to receive further information about the services we can provide. Thanks!

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