Post Office Tour: A New Way to Discover Seattle’s Neighborhoods

Have you really looked around at the places you can send things through the mail lately? Sure, sure, USPS is seeming more and more antiquated these days, what with email and skype, but doesn’t that just make the post office buildings themselves more interesting? Check in over the coming weeks for four installments of a fun tour exploring Seattle via our centers of postal culture.

First Stop: Sip & Ship in Ballard

Sip & Ship Ballard

Only a few miles from its sister location in Greenwood, the Sip & Ship in Ballard is located on Market St between 17th Ave NW and 20th Ave NW; waiting patiently to mail out all of the great stuff you pick up at the shops along Market St and Ballard Ave! Never mind that there is an actual USPS post office just three blocks away, because the Sip & Ship offers private mailboxes, packaging services, and can ship via USPS, UPS and FedEx – all of this, and… coffee! How very Seattle, you must be thinking! And you are correct. Start your Post Office Tour of the city here, and not only can you grab a breakfast pastry and morning beverage, but you will be deeply immersed in Seattle’s obsessive coffee culture. The Sip & Ship serves Herkimer Coffee, which is itself a local roaster based in Greenwood (and my personal favorite Seattle roaster).

The Sip & Ship also sells greeting cards and Ballard neighborhood paraphernalia, including super cute hoodies:

Kids' Ballard Hoodie from Sip & Ship

So this is the second key reason why Sip & Ship starts off the Seattle Post Office Tour (the first was COFFEE, obvi): Ballard’s quirky assertion of autonomy! Ballard used to be an old Scandinavian fishing town. It was annexed by the City of Seattle in 1906 after some curious deficiencies in the water supply, and you will still see bumper stickers that read “Free Ballard.” So stand up for your independence, purchase a Ballard hoodie, then ship it back home or to a friend.

Next week: Another unusual shipping locus


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