Post Office Tour: To the Dispatch!

Second Stop: Queen Anne Dispatch in Queen Anne

Queen Anne Dispatch

Last time, we visited a post office that declares its independence with tasty coffee and cute hoodies. This week, a post office that represents its neighborhood by offering just what the citizens need most: baby gifts, pretty sundresses, and yoga gear. And what’s this? A onesie that proclaims this infant’s neighborhood pride?


Queen Anne Onesie

Okay, great, but what qualifies Queen Anne Dispatch for the “Post Office Tour” extravaganza? Isn’t it really just a boutique catering to the young moms and moms-to-be of Queen Anne Hill, a primarily residential area? Well, no, of course, because they’ve got what the people want: private mailboxes, in addition to shipping services. Ooohh, yeah. During a recent visit, an actual, real-live (smartly dressed) gentleman entered the otherwise estrogen-heavy store to pick up his mail. Queen Anne Dispatch evidently offers these mailboxes with the ulterior motive of creating a meeting place for the neighborhood, and indeed the owners describe it as such on their website:

Queen Anne mail and Dispatch was founded in 1987 by Jan Paolini. The business originated from her experience in the moving industry and her perception of what the local residents of Queen Anne needed at that time. Her idea took off and sprouted from a small, personal mailbox/shipping/office center into what is today Queen Anne Dispatch. Currently located in what once was a independent grocer that her daughters bought penny candy at has become a community gathering point serving many of the neighborhood needs.


So many baby gifts!

The significance of this sweet store is made all the more poignant when you consider that the Lower Queen Anne Post Office serving zip code 98119 abruptly (and quietly; someone better tell the USPS) closed on Thursday, September 15. Many of the employees who worked in Lower Queen Anne have now moved to the Interbay Annex, but what about the customers who relied on this location? Will they take the rte 13 bus up the hill to Queen Anne Dispatch, or will they relocate their post office services to the next spot on our tour…?


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