Things to Do in Seattle: Crash Weddings?


The dahlia garden in Volunteer Park: perfect backdrop for autumn wedding and engagement photos.

I would say that on the whole, crashing a wedding is frowned upon, but in Seattle things are a bit different. Consider, for example, the wedding of Lisa and Alex on Thursday, October 20. Now I can’t officially call Lisa and Alex locals, but they are most definitely Localists, having enlisted the Seattle-based event planning company Shindig Events to help them organize their nuptials into a public celebration at Pike Place Market. As Shindig Events put it on their blog, The Shindiggery:

YOU are invited. Anyone can come attend the wedding of a couple of strangers. No need to go to a gift registry, get a sitter, book a hotel room…just pop on down to the north end of Pike Place Market at Virginia….

Fantastic! And how many of you have photo-bombed all the happy couples getting their wedding photos taken at Kerry Park or Volunteer Park? You know you’ve at least thought about it…


Isamu Noguchi sculpture in Volunteer Park: site of many a wedding photo over the years. Picture this plaza filled with pretty dresses and tuxes.

Daydream about your wedding fantasy in advance of the big day with a visit to Velouria in Ballard. Not only is this a fun place to shop for clothing and gifts by local independent designers, but it is also the boutique where you’ll find owner Tes De Luna, one-half of  Crinoline & Tweed‘s wedding planning team. Discuss decorations, place settings and of course style while you shop lines such as Amy Bengtson‘s very cool jewelry and Out of Line‘s cute dresses.

To round out the pretend-wedding experience, book a “room” at Treehouse Point in Issaquah, just outside of Seattle. Deep in the woods, but easily accessible by car, this is a highly-desired and lovely venue for a wedding, but you can also stay overnight just for kicks. Perfectly PNW (Pacific Northwest), you literally climb a ladder up into the trees to stay in your comfy-cozy treehouse. You can also opt for a room in the lodge, but that’s a step down in the fun factor. Walk around the grounds and picture your celebration.

What do you think, Seattleites? Have you ever crashed a wedding? What other imaginary wedding experiences have you indulged in to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

And for anyone planning a destination wedding to Seattle, be sure to contact Localist to help plan your stay!


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2 Responses to Things to Do in Seattle: Crash Weddings?

  1. Kelli says:

    While I’m not one to encourage wedding crashing (the only time it really was done right was in “Working Girl.”!), it’s always a thrill to hold outdoor park or public place weddings. People naturally are curious to join in on the moment. And that was definitely the case at the market on this day! Our “guests” were smiling ear to ear!

    • Localist says:

      I love it – It seemed like such an joyous occasion for everyone involved! Well done to you and your team for bringing it all together. And congrats to the happy couple!

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