Things to Do in Seattle: Talk Turkey!

This pie cookie was delicious but once again the photo is sad. Please click here to see Grumpy Pie's super tempting photos.

Updated 15 November and 16 November, 2011. See below.

Okay you guys, Thanksgiving is only two weeks away, and I hope you’ve got your plans all set! If by some chance you do not and you are coming into Seattle for the holiday (or if you’re already here ’cause you’re staying in town), read on for some Localist-savvy tips.

First up, where are you going to eat? I suppose you could cook at home, and if that’s your bag then I’d suggest starting at The Book Larder in Fremont to begin planning your feast. Not only does this bookstore specialize all kinds of different cookbooks, but they are also offering many guest speakers and cooking classes between now and November 24! PLUS, the shop is on the same block as Dot’s Delicatessen, which, I promise, is delicious (caveat: you must enjoy meat to fully enjoy Dot’s) (also: try the BLT).

And for those not planning to spend the better part of Thanksgiving week in the kitchen, pick a restaurant now! Eater Seattle has compiled this handy list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day, and for the post-dinner cocktail, don’t miss this list from 2006 in which The Stranger put together all of the bars open on Thanksgiving where you can sip a digestif while you digest. Definitely check, though, to be sure the info holds true for 2011. (Or contact Localist to do this legwork for you! Click here for more info.) Update! Seattle Metropolitan has just put out its Thanksgiving Restaurant Round-Up in two installments: Part One and Part Two! And! Seattle Wine Gal Barbara Evans has compiled a list of great Pacific Northwest wines to go with your Thanksgiving feast!

Also, very important if you plan to attend your friend’s/family’s/significant person’s Thanksgiving celebration: bring dessert to take some of the pressure off. My best suggestion for the perfect treat: Grumpy Pie, hands-down! Rose will ride out on her Vespa to bring you your super tasty pie pie, little pie, or even pie cookies! Actually, I recommend Grumpy Pie cookies as a prelude to Thanksgiving; eat them now for a great way to get in the festive spirit (they are certainly helping me right this moment as I write this). See above for a crummy (crumby?) photo that should nevertheless entice.

Finally, and most important of all: whether you are visiting your family in Seattle or you are hosting family coming from far-flung places, think ahead now about what to do with the crew on Thanksgiving weekend. Localist is available to help you plan the perfect weekend minus the frustration, awkwardness, or boredom that – we can admit it – sometimes comes from too much family time. Contact Localist now to discuss great Thanksgiving weekend rates!


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