Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Image courtesy of mrs.McD on flickr.

Evidently today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. While this blog is not usually given over to random holiday celebrations, the fact is that chocolate chip cookies are my favorite and I happen to know some fantastic places to get them in Seattle. Here, in no particular order, are my picks for CCCs in C-attle.

1. etg coffee: “Just” a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop in Fremont, etg’s baked goods are all made in small batches in front of you (check out that mixer right there on the counter). Also enjoy the lovely styling in the chandelier and super old-timey cash register.

2. Volunteer Park Cafe: Chocolate chip, chocolate toffee, white chocolate – they offer so many kinds to choose from and they are all gigantic, which can equal either a couple snacks of cookie pleasure or one huge sugar bomb. Either way, delicious. Plus you can stroll with your cookie up to Volunteer Park (to crash a wedding, or…)!

3. Orangette’s recipe: Okay, obviously this is not strictly a “place to get [chocolate chip cookies] in Seattle.” But, blog author Molly Wizenberg does live in the city, and if you are lucky (and choose not to make your own), you may be able to order a version at the Ballard pizzeria she started a couple of years ago with husband Brandon Pettit, called Delancey. Just don’t try to go there today because they are, un-festively, not open. Tomorrow, then.

What do you think, Seattle? Where do you go for your chocolate chip cookie fix? And for those of you in other places, where should we get cookies when we come to your town?


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